Our mission is to encourage and challenge youth and adults to be active examples that encourages others to join us in faith and fitness to positively impacting our communities.

COPIA partners with local churches, schools, businesses, and various organizations to promote healthy bodies, minds and spirits through a plethora of events that include:

  • Recreational sports and activities (basketball, soccer, jump rope, juggling)

  • One-day or multi-day sports, recreation and fitness events

  • Securing and/or enhancing sport and fitness facilities for our communities

  • Collaborate with other organizations to provide community events

  • After-school events

  • Summer sports instruction

  • Provide support programs for other community organizations

  • Provide biblical instruction for life application

 Available activities are communicated through school flyers, Facebook, local churches, local newspaper, poster and word of mouth. Sign-up sheets are made available at The Gym in Harrisville and on Facebook when applicable.

Join us in this work

COPIA is continually seeking volunteers to assist with the implementation of our activities. Roles range from coaches, consultants, organizers, officials and more.

Donations are welcome and are used to defray the cost of facilities, purchasing equipment and awards, the cost of officials and consultants, and more. Each year businesses and individuals step alongside to help us help others identify needs or opportunities in your community where we can make a positive impact.

Our Team

Director: Jim Kirk

Contact Us

We primarily work out of The Gym in Harrisville, but provide services and activities to Ritchie, Doddridge, Pleasants, Wirt, Wood and Calhoun counties in West Virginia. If you’d like to get involved, please give us a call at 304-643-4187 or send us a secure message online.